Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cream Cheese Buns

I have an announcement to make...


This is wonderful! I can get back to baking finally. I just need to make more friends to sample my experiments because I'm thinking my roommates won't be too happy if I'm whipping out cookies and cakes every week.

Want to be friends?

Last weekend I spent all day Saturday baking up a frenzy in my mom's kitchen. I hate baking in my kitchen. Our house is 100 years old and I'm pretty sure the kitchen hasn't been updated since 1909. Okay...maybe I'm exaggerating but it IS pretty crusty.

I began my bake-a-palooza with a dozen delicious blackberry cream cheese buns.


I found the recipe for raspberry cream cheese buns on Bake or Break and I am SO glad I decided to try them out. Of course, I tried to put my own little spin on things and used blackberry preserves instead of raspberry (aka my mom only had blackberry preserves for me to steal from her fridge).

Just look at them. Cute little buns waiting for the oven swirled with blackberry goodness.

Note: I got a little overzealous and filled the muffin cups way too much. I would suggest probably only filling them about halfway unless you want "muffin tops." But then again, who doesn't love a good muffin top? :)

The buns are seriously easy to make and are PERFECT for breakfast. I didn't find them to be too sweet and they are definitely less dense than a traditional muffin or bun. I would say they are a "must try" for every baker out there!

Enjoy! :)


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