Saturday, April 4, 2009

New York

It's official.

I love Saturday mornings.

The first morning of the week I'm able to stay in bed for as long as I want to and it's pure magic.

I spent last weekend feasting in New York. What is it about New York City that makes it so enticing? It seems like everyone that visits always becomes addicted and wants to go back for more. I found myself walking around the city trying to mimic the "natives" to try in blend in some more. To me this meant plastering a look of annoyance on my face and always walking unnecessarily fast through crowds.

It must have worked because someone asked me for subway directions. Score one for Natalie. I, of course, acted appropriately nonchalant while dishing out my directions. Come to think of it, she probably never made it home. Hmmm...

The entire time we were in New York, we were surrounded with sweet treats and, as we know, I am unable to eat those until next weekend (!!!!!). However, I basically forced E to try every cupcake we came across so I could smell it and poke at the cake to test its moisture. Creepy.

Look at those cuties! We stumbled across Baked by Melissa while wandering around Soho. The cupcakes are the size of a quarter! So precious. We (and by we I mean E) also sampled a famous Magnolia cupcake. From what I felt, I poked at the frosting and cake more than a few times, I wasn't too impressed. I guess I'm just a devoted Trophy fan after all.

I am already planning another trip back to the Big Apple...and next time, I WILL be sampling EVERYTHING.

Only a little over a week until I can safely bake again! Stay on the edge of your seats...

Tomorrow I'm making brunch at my mom's house. Carrot-y goodness is sure to follow.


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